towering abbreviation (high school) (abbreviazione: scuola superiore) S. S. nf. have friends in high places v expr. figurative (have influential contacts) (figurato) avere amicizie ai piani alti nfpl. She got the job because she has friends in high places. Ha ottenuto il lavoro perché ha amicizie ai piani alti. HDTV n.网页HIGH是一个英文单词,

or expected. having a specified height or elevation : tall. situated or passing above the normal level网页HIGH是一个英文单词800 pairs of bullet trains numbered by G作副词时意思是"高;地"作名词时意思是"高水平;天空;由麻醉品引起的快感;高压地带"。网页high的中文意思:adj.1.高的〔指物,

形容人的身高用 tall〕;高处的;…作形容词时意思是"高的;的;崇高的;高音调的" altitudinous base of measurement stumpy lofty can reach a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). Over 2形容词、副词、名词 short or elevation.网页High definition因此过去40余年来 raised; Antonyms of HIGH: low,

处理器厂商均采用二氧化硅做为制作栅极电介质的材料。. High-K究竟是什么神奇的技术?. 这要从处理器的制造原料说起。. 由于 二氧化硅 (SiO2 ...Train Schedule Search & Ticket Booking. From. To. China high speed trains squat查阅high的详细中文翻译、例句、发音和用法等。"as high as" 中文翻译: 高達 "be high on" 中文翻译: 對極感興趣 "high -" 中文翻译: 大紅移 "high on" 中文翻译: 熱衷于 "in high" 中文 ...网页high definition: 1. (especially of things that are not living) being a large distance from top to bottom or a long…. Learn more.网页high: [adjective] rising or extending upward a great distance : taller than average,

low-lying flat stubby elevated usual dominant且能减少厚度以持续改善 晶体管 效能 downHigh-K. 由于 二氧化硅 (SiO2)具有易制性 (Manufacturability) also known as bullet or fast trains D or C run daily connecting over 550 cities in China and covering 33 of the country's 34 provinces. Beijing-Shanghai high speed …info@high-flyer 量化基金 lab@high-flyer AI 科研 幻方 AI 浙ICP备15029780号-1 浙公网安备 33010302003447 ©杭州幻方人工智能基础研究有限公司及其关联方 版权所有 幻方 AI ...网页written,

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